While many don’t think of the cold, snowy winter season as a high-risk time for fires and fire damage, we at Certified Disaster Services are here to set the record straight. Fires are a significant risk during winter, and a big part of this comes due to significant electronics and lighting during the holiday season.
How can you avoid fire risks without compromising your beautiful holiday designs, both inside and outside the home? Here are a few tips.

Outside Lights

• Always ensure lights are rated for outdoor use, including the presence of weather-resistant qualities on both lights and extension cords.
• Use secure, supportive structures to fasten outdoor lights. This is to prevent wind damage. Do not use nails or staples – these can cut through insulation.
• Be sure to take lights down within 90 days of the holiday season, before spring comes and certain critters in the yard start chewing on them.
• Store lights safety. Untangle cords.

Indoor Christmas Trees

• Only use indoor tree lights that are safety-tested.
• Check each set of lights for worn or broken cords, loose bulb connections or cracked sockets.
• Never connect more than three sets of lights to a single extension cord. This can overload circuits.
• Never put electric lights on a metallic Christmas tree – this risks electric shock.
• Turn off all decorations when you leave home, or when you go to bed at night.
• Take steps to protect your cords and tree lights from any pets.

Fire Candles

• Never use fire candles to decorate an indoor or outdoor tree under any circumstances. Use only battery-operated, flameless LED candles if you want this kind of design.
• If you do use real candles in the home during this season, be sure to purchase non-flammable candle holders. Place candles in a place where they can’t be knocked or blown over, and keep them away from flammable objects or areas. Extinguish candles when you go to bed or leave the home.

For more on staying safe from fire risks around the holidays, or to find out about any of our fire damage restoration services, speak to the pros at Certified Disaster Services today.