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Trusted Storm Damage Restoration Services in Ogden


  • 24/7 Live Emergency Response Service
  • Emergency Board up/Tarping
  • Inspect And Assess The Loss
  • Arrange For Emergency Power/Heat
  • Remove Debris
  • Extract Any Excess Water
  • Remove Contents for Cleaning and Drying
  • Dry Clean All Damaged Fabrics/Textiles/Drapes Etc.
  • Clean, Repair and Restore Jewelry, Photos, Heirlooms, Electronics, Mementos, Artwork, Antiques, etc
  • Store Contents until Repairs and Drying are Completed
  • Return All Contents to their Rightful Place Within the Home or Business
  • Work Directly with Your Adjuster to Agree on the Scope of Loss
  • Reconstruct Damaged Structures
  • Directly Bill Your Insurance Company

A storm, hurricane, or tornado can result in overwhelming damage. Storms compromise the structure of your property and even cause flooding. Winter blizzards, on the other hand, inflict wind damage and ice damming.

Severe weather conditions can be devastating to your family or business. But you can recover with our help.

Certified Disaster cleans up your properties right after a storm. The effects of severe weather conditions do not just affect your structures, but your lives as well. Our emergency 24/7 services ensure a stress-free experience, ensuring your needs are met.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Storms compromise the integrity of your residential or commercial property; floods, fallen trees and heavy winds may result in missing roof shingles, broken windows, or water damage.

When you call us, our team will inspect the property, clean it up, sanitize the area, and repair the damage. We start by examining the structure of your home or office to ensure it has maintained its integrity. Once we’ve assessed the damage, we get to work.

Our storm damage services include the following:
• Debris removal
• Water extraction
• Repair and restoration of photos, electronics, artwork, etc.
• Storage of content for drying and repair

Your Partners in Restoration

Certified Disaster is committed to offering the best services for clients in need. Our expert team handles every aspect of the cleanup—from the initial assessment to the completion of all repairs.

To ensure quality jobs done, we finish everything on our checklist; for your safety, we attend to ALL issues as soon as possible.

Let us be your first call after a storm. Get in touch with Certified Disaster today to learn more about our storm damage cleanup services.

Your home is your castle and a ripped off roof or tree through your house can cause much discomfort. Maybe its a smaller problem such as missing siding or blown off shingles. Either way, we will button up your home or business, and fix the problem as quickly as we can.  We truly understand the scope of loss not only to a structure but to your lives, and strive to make your quality of life stress free and as normal as possible. Advanced staff are on call 24/7 and will respond as quickly as possible, stopping any further damage from intruding.

We have the people, the experience, the processes and the equipment to restore order out of chaos.