In a few months from now, severe thunderstorm warnings may be issued once more in many northern Utah counties. 

Storm damage restoration is necessary because weather conditions are expected to damage roofs, cars, and homes. 

Homeowners can expect wind gusts of up to 60 mph and quarter-sized hail once the storm hits.  

During these times, the NWS recommends Utah residents to stay in interior rooms or stay on the lowest floor of a building.

It is vital to know what to do when these types of disaster strike so that you can put your life back together.

Here are some essential steps you should take as a homeowner when faced with storm damage restoration in Utah.

Storm Recovery and Cleanup

The damage your home sustains during a severe storm can be devastating. Owners feel lost and overwhelmed. 

Storm damage caused by powerful hurricanes can cause flooding and property damage. A blizzard, on the other hand, can cause ice damming and wind damage.

Powerful weather patterns leave a trail of storm damage to your home and business.

Damaged roofs, broken glass, and fallen trees are among the hazards you must face.

The priority in storm damage restoration is making sure that you and your family are safe.

Before you assess and inspect your property for damage, you must take the necessary precautions.

Check if there are downed power lines and flooding that occurred. There is a big chance for electrocution if these things are in play. 

Stay away from your property until the power lines are cut.

Our roofs take the brunt of the pounding during a severe storm. If you feel like your roof is unstable, get everyone out of your home and let a professional storm damage restoration expert inspect your structure.

Keep an eye on sharp debris, nails, and glass that can cause injury. If there is a natural gas leak in your home, call your gas company immediately and get out as fast as you can. Gas inhalation or explosion may occur, and you don’t want to place your family at risk.

Outside view of a house struck by lightning on an overcast stormy day

Secure Your Property

After taking the proper safety precautions, you need to protect your property from further damage.

Check on broken windows, leaks, and flooding. Storm damage restoration can be easier when you secure your home right away.

Board up windows that sustained damage and ensure that they are not letting water in. Proceed to remove any valuables in your home that are at risk of getting damaged.

Standing water can cause severe damage and make your home unlivable. Mold growth can occur and lead to serious health issues for your family.

Water removal should be your priority to prevent mold contamination. 

If you need help in securing your property, you should reach out to a reliable storm damage restoration company for assistance.

Prepare for Insurance Claims

When everyone is safe, and your property is secure, it’s time to assess the damage for insurance purposes.

We understand that it can be an emotional process, but this step is needed for your insurance claim.

Take photos both inside your home and outside to document everything. Detailed pictures will help in making your claim. Take shots of damage to furniture and appliances with logo and brands visible for manufacturer identifying. This helps in computing the replacement value once you file your claim.

Proceed to the outside of your property and take photos as needed. Inspect for damage to sidings, window frames, roof shingles, and your outdoor HVAC unit.

Damage assessment after a severe storm can be an emotional experience. Just hang on and finish the process to help you recover the right amount for your losses.

Contact Your Insurance Company

After a severe storm hits, you must get in touch with your insurance company the soonest time possible.

Once proper documentation of the storm damage is finished, get in touch with your insurance adjuster for an inspection of the damage.

You can discuss all the damages with them so they can provide an accurate claim estimate. 

Submit all your photos and documentation of damages to help in the claiming process. Include all receipts that were incurred due to the event, which may include hotel stay if you were displaced because of the storm.

Look for a Reputable Storm Damage Restoration Company

If you want your property back to its normal state, you need to work with a storm damage restoration company with an excellent local reputation.

Look for a provider with extensive experience in handling the types of damages you experienced on your property.

If a major storm has damaged properties in your locality, many fraudulent companies prey on storm victims by overcharging for mediocre services.

You need to take the time to choose an experienced professional that can help restore your property.

Pick a storm damage restoration company with a proven track record in giving high-quality service to storm victims in Northern Utah.

Working with a professional storm damage restoration specialist like Certified Disaster Services will speed up the process of getting your home in pre-loss condition.

Give us a call or send us a message on our website once the storm has passed for expert mitigation, reconstruction, and restoration services.

Professional Storm Damage Restoration Company in Northern Utah

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