At Certified Disaster Services, water damage restoration is one of our specialties. Whether it’s minor damage or major issues that require a full restoration, our experts are here to help get your home back to normal as soon as possible.

As a homeowner, you play an important role in water damage restoration if this ever becomes an issue: Identifying the problem. Many cases of water damage are allowed to worsen because homeowners simply don’t notice their telltale signs, and this can lead to additional costs you’d rather do without. Here are some basics on recognizing the signs of possible water damage, broken down by common areas you may notice.


Check in the attic to see if there are any leaks, paying special attention to the connector areas where roof planes come together. This is a common location where water can leak in, especially during the winter if moisture stays on top of your house in the form of snow. Also check all your insulation to make sure it’s dry, and check for standing ice on the roof that can be removed during the winter.


Because they’re located at the bottom of the house and water naturally moves downward, basements are the most common area where you’ll find leaks that signal water damage. Look for stains, mildew or any mold you can find, and also be on the search for any strange odors in the basement. If you see any rust or dampness, note this as well.

Walls and Floors

In many cases, the earliest signs of water damage will show up on walls and floors. Water may pool up on the floor, or around windows and door frames. Drywall may crack or swell up, or it might simply become softer than usual. Look out for warping or buckling on hardwood floors, and for the smell of mold or dampness.

Pipe Leaks

In the areas of your home where pipes are visible, check your pipes regularly. Look for rust in connected areas, and for any water stains present nearby. In bathrooms, look at caulking around fixtures, as missing caulking could mean water is seeping through. Also consider any mold or missing grout you find.

For more on spotting water damage, or to find out about our water and fire damage restoration services, speak to the pros at Certified Disaster Services today.